CV VC publishes the German Blockchain Report 2022

Berlin, Germany. 24 Nov 2022. CV VC today published an inaugural German Blockchain Report following its newest and fourth ecosystem hub opening, CV Labs Berlin. The report provides a structural overview of Europe's top-ranked blockchain country, and its publication highlights CV VC's commitment to building sustainable and connected global ecosystems since 2016. As per the use cases in this report, Germany is driving bold new moves redefining traditional sectors and building those instrumental in Web3. The report focuses on identifying the larger German trends through the lens of an astute study of funding.


  • Germany’s blockchain funding accounts for 6% of European blockchain funding despite having the largest number of blockchain companies in the EU
  • German blockchain businesses have raised $217m across 20 deals YTD, 90% to Berlin
  • Infrastructure and Defi received 55% and 27% of all funding, respectively
  • Remarkable utility achievements are found in digital identity and data protection for many industrial and service industries

2022 YTD German Funding Study by CV VC AG

In line with the opening of CV Labs Berlin, the German Blockchain Report is intended to provide an important overview of the scene's status quo whilst pinpointing beyond infrastructure, Defi, and NFTs but also to showcase remarkable utility developments. 


Despite recent turbulence, CV VC and CV Labs intend to continue to create synergy between regionally located blockchain entrepreneurs. From Switzerland to Liechtenstein, to Africa, and now also to Germany. 


Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder, and CIO of CV VC said, “CV Labs opening in Germany is an opportunity for pioneers in Switzerland and Germany and across Europe to come together and play a pivotal role in ensuring that this is a time where innovation, solid governance, and integrity will overtake short-term thinking and high speculation and instead continue to focus on the broader capability & capacity of blockchain - to truly enable a better future for humanity. We intend to lend our expertise as originators of ‘Crypto Valley,’ Zug, to enable Germany's startup ecosystem. We are already active in Germany and have invested in four startups. We commit to investing in the broader applicability of blockchain to solving problems and creating new markets beyond crypto.”

While it is a fact that Germany is amongst the fastest-adopting crypto nations globally, supported by encompassing regulatory and academia oversight, today's CV VC report moves past crypto to examine the nation's broader blockchain movement, which is enabling both its industries and global citizens to benefit from the core utility of the tech. In particular, German blockchain businesses are creating greater efficiencies, democratization, and a fairer world, as can be seen in the report's investee highlights that reflect the utility of Germany's blockchain activity, including: 


  • $32,000,000 for Composable Finance, which is addressing the issue of blockchain interoperability and easing frictions in deploying dApps on Layer 1 as well as Layer 2 blockchains.
  • $4,000,000 to Chain4Travel, ensuring faster, cheaper, and future-proof processes to travel and leisure industries.
  • $13,600,000 to Soba, a web3 online multiplayer open world and gaming platform where everyone can create their games without needing to know how to code and play games that others have created. 
  • $2,200,000 to Asvin, a CV VC portfolio company, which provides a distributed ledger-based solution for managing the cybersecurity and provenance of software supply chains for multiple industries, such as automotive.


CV VC has a proficient team on the ground, including Ulrike Lierow-Schad, MD of CV Labs Berlin, who said, “CV VC is a driver of innovation and holds great value in precision and knowledge sharing. Our objective with the German Blockchain Report is to share a data-driven account of blockchain and begin an annual collection of benchmarkable venture data and solidly referenced German insights. We focussed the report on a data set of 20 blockchain companies. This way, we can be sure of the relevance of facts from which we can benchmark forward. We give an assessment of the regulatory landscape and an introduction to some of the country's greatest blockchain minds and investors.


Blockchain influencer and industry editor Sven Wagenknecht added, “For this ecosystem to continue to grow and prosper, we need to build bridges between the old and the new world. We need pioneers like CV Labs who understand the potential of the technology and, above all, help young companies put their ideas into practice. Because in the logic of Web3, it's more than ever – especially compared to Web 2.0 – about cooperation. Lone fighters who isolate themselves don't stand a chance. This is about nothing less than giving the term ‘network effects’ a new, positively connoted meaning.

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