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Lisbon - The heart of Portugal's Web3 space

The Web3 space in Lisbon is growing everyday, and CV Labs has seen the potential. Stakeholders from various industries, ranging from universities to law firms, banks to insurance brokers, invest in the Web3 space. CV Labs is here to bridge the gap and help develop a growing ecosystem in Portugal's capital.

CV Labs Lisbon is located at Kübe Alvalade, a workspace offering co-working, private islands, meeting rooms, and soon an awesome event space. Ask for more info here. Did you know: Alvalade was rated one of the 20 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, according to Timeout magazine.

Available workspaces in


Co-working Lisbon

An open co-working space available on request.

Meeting rooms Lisbon

4 fully equipped meeting rooms.

Domicile Lisbon

Register or incorporate your business at the CV Labs office in Lisbon to enjoy the tax benefits of Portugal, even without renting an office.

This space includes:

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Fully staffed reception
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Self-service kitchen and drinks station
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Free Wifi
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Access to CV Labs events and meetups
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Interested in one of our co-working options? Get in touch to check for availability or book a tour at one of our locations!

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