CV Labs Accelerator Invites Web3 Startups to Apply for Batch_06

CV Labs Accelerator with up to $135'000 per startup, announces the opening of applications for Batch_06 until November 30th, 2023.

Established in 2019 in the heart of Crypto Valley, Switzerland, the CV Labs Accelerator has successfully propelled 39 teams across 5 continents. This globally recognised program is designed to elevate startups in the Web3 space. It is seamlessly integrated into the extensive CV Labs Swiss and global ecosystems. It champions a decentralized approach, with a two-week-long boot camp in Switzerland and subsequent remote immersion. Acceleration of successful applicants begins in early March 2024.

  • A global network of mentors and experts
  • Industry and blockchain agnostic
  • Up to $135'000 USD per startup

“CV Labs has literally been a Super MBA for our business! The thorough and comprehensive nature of the accelerator has equipped us with tools we didn’t even know we needed to build. Also, the sheer density of the CV VC network is incredible. Access to potential partners, clients, and VCs is much closer than before. We are truly grateful for the experience.” - Kofi Genfi, Co-Founder of Mazzuma, Batch_03.

Mazzuma, is just one of the magnificent alumni who continue to build a better future using the blockchain technology rail. 

The CV Labs Accelerator journey comprises four blocks and an intense graduation week:

1. Bootcamp: Dive into Ecosystem Dynamics, Discover Startup Identity, Embrace Design Thinking, and Engage with Industry Titans.

2. Deep Dive into the Future: Immerse in Blockchain, Patents, and Software Innovation, Elevate Expertise in Security & Cloud, and Interface with Leading Blockchain Protocols.

3. Amplification: Bolster Market Presence, Master Storytelling, Enhance UI/UX, and Acquire Investor Attraction Skills.

4. Graduation Week: Hone Your Pitch, Take Center Stage at CV VC’s Demo Day and Network with Esteemed Alumni.

The CV Labs Accelerator, a symbol of Crypto Valley, educates and encourages startups, reflecting the spirit of innovation that defines this global hub. Further details and application can be made now, check it out - CV Labs Accelerator Batch_06

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