VALR: Elevating the African Crypto Exchange Experience

Sean Emery, Head Of Strategic Partnerships at VALR, on stage

VALR, the biggest headquartered crypto exchange in Africa, recently hosted an event in partnership with CV Labs Africa at the Watershed, located next to the Cape Town Blockchain Hub at Workshop 17 at the vibrant V&A Waterfront. The event attracted South African blockchain, crypto, and finance attendees.

VALR took the opportunity to launch two new products: shared accounts and leveraged trading. These new offerings are set to take the crypto exchange experience to new heights and provide VALR users with even more options for managing their crypto assets.

Members of the audience during the event

Shared Accounts: Simplifying Crypto Management for Organizations

VALR's new shared account feature allows organizations to access and manage a single account in a secure and efficient manner. This feature is available to all VALR users at no cost and provides a range of financial governance features such as audit trails, rights access, and multi-party authentication.

Blake Player, Head of Growth at VALR, explained that the shared account feature was designed to reduce internal risks and make it easier for organizations to manage their crypto assets.

"We’d prefer you to be able to do this without sharing your passwords. Hence, we’ve given this to everyone, free of charge.”

VALR corporate client's Jonathan Els praised the shared account feature, saying,

The VALR API and sub-account features were the only way we could automate our flow and administration process on a local exchange. For this reason, we’ve built tightly on top of VALR, and the quality of the technology and APIs is excellent.”

Sean Emery, Head of Strategic Partnerships at VALR, networking with attendees

Leveraged Trading: Accessing Debt to Trade with Leverage

VALR has also opened up its spot margin beta testing program to qualified corporate customers on request. VALR's COO, Gianluca Sacco, explained that the company wants to ensure that the spot margin product is reliable and highly performant before making it available to customers.

"We have taken our time in ironing out all the creases and testing thoroughly internally before making this available to customers."

Spot margin trading is currently only available for VALR's Bitcoin-Rand order book, and leverage will remain conservative, capped at 2x. However, VALR intends to expand this offering to as many qualified customers as possible in the future.

VALR and CV Labs Africa banners side by side

CV Labs Africa: Fostering Growth in the African Blockchain Industry

CV Labs Africa is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the blockchain industry in Africa. By partnering with VALR, CV Labs Africa aims to demonstrate the #buildonvalr initiative and expand the use of the VALR API to businesses in Africa. CV Labs Africa looks forward to continued collaboration with VALR to achieve their shared goals.

VALR's recent event, in partnership with CV Labs Africa, showcased the two new products launched by VALR are set to take the experience offered by the biggest crypto exchange headquartered in Africa to new heights. With shared accounts and leveraged trading, VALR is providing its users with even more options for managing their crypto assets and taking the crypto exchange experience to the next level.

Members of the VALR and CV Labs Africa team
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