Launch of CV Labs' 4th Batch of its Global Accelerator

On May 2nd, 2022, CV Labs officially kicked off the fourth batch of its global incubator. The seven selected teams were invited for a one-week long Bootcamp in Zug, where a diverse program consisting of pitch training, business fundamentals and networking opportunities filled the week. The Bootcamp was concluded with a networking event in the CV Labs HQ in Zug.

Throughout the program, the incubatees will have the opportunity to connect to over 100 mentors globally and learn from exciting protocols such as Polkadot, NEAR and twelve others. Additionally, they will have access to over 50 pre-recorded materials and weekly webinars which are conducted by incubation partners consisting of GSR, CertiK, and many more.

The CV Labs Batch_04 entrepreneurs during the Bootcamp week in Zug

CV Labs' Incubation Batch_04 consists of:

  • Fastagger (Kenia) is a web3 platform for commerce. We help SMEs increase sales and customer engagement. We do this by providing a data & coupon management platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence.
  • Gummys (Swiss/Italian/Netherlands) is a WEB 3.0-powered video and streaming platform allowing users to generate income by tokenizing media, watching videos and more engaging actions.
  • SodaWorld (South Africa) will be making it possible for Millions of artists and billions of fans will be able to engage in an immersive and meaningful way.
  • Villcaso (USA) makes it ridiculously easy for American homeowners  to access the $25 trillion that's locked up in their home equity. With the help of our crypto token, we're empowering homeowners to access their home's capital with products that are fast, fair, and flexible.
  • ServBlock (Ireland) helps pharmaceutical companies guarantee quality assurance across the complete GxP Supply chain through distributed ledger and blockchain technology.
  • Tracifier (Germany) is a blockchain-based traceability application used for food and certificate verification.
  • The Local Farming project (Switzerland, NTN Innobooster Project) sets up and operates a one-stop-shop to facilitate locally sourced food using an agile and sustainable delivery model and promote trustful and direct farmer-consumer relationships.
CV Labs and CV VC will work closely with the startups throughout the next months, finishing with a Demo Day on the 30th of June, 2022. Mark this day in your calendar to learn more about our latest startups!

Are you an early-stage blockchain project? Applications for the CV Labs Incubator Batch_05 are now open! Learn more about our global incubator and apply here.

Are you a qualified investor looking to tap into blockchain? Learn how to participate in CV VC's investment portfolio here.

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