CV Summit Africa: Unveiling the Future of Blockchain in Africa

CV Summit Africa: Unveiling the Future of Blockchain in Africa

Exploring Insights from Industry Leaders and Visionaries

Amidst the revolution taking place in blockchain and fintech, Africa is forging a path forward in the global landscape. CV Summit Africa, held on May 4-5 in Cape Town at the Workshop 17 Watershed, showcased the creativity, investment, and collaboration that are driving the continent's growth in these sectors. As the first edition of the CV Summit in Africa, the event brought together over 250 experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from the worlds of blockchain, fintech, and artificial intelligence. 

The event was honored to have renowned radio personality Kieno Kammies as the Master of Ceremonies, guiding attendees through a day filled with captivating speakers and engaging discussions.

During their opening address at the Summit, Gideon Greaves and Brenton Naicker highlighted their goal of turning the event into a "Cape Town Blockchain Week" in the future. They also discussed key findings from the African Blockchain Report, which paints a promising picture of the region. The report shows that while global venture funding has experienced a 35% downturn, Africa has emerged as an outlier, with funding into African blockchain startups growing by 429%. The speakers emphasized that the timing is right for Africa's growth in the blockchain sector, given its status as an emerging market and the rapid inflow of investment.

Brenton Naicker and Gideon Greaves presenting the CV VC African Blockchain Report 2022

Education and Community Building: Nurturing a Thriving Blockchain Community

One of the key themes throughout the event was the crucial role of education in cultivating Africa's blockchain ecosystem. Anda Ngcaba of the Financial Innovation Hub at UCT illustrated this by stating, “Our mission is to empower the next generation to create their own jobs.” A strong educational foundation sets the stage for blockchain growth and development. 

Shogo Ishida from Emurgo emphasized the critical role of education and community building in fostering a thriving blockchain ecosystem. Emurgo's investment in over 40 African countries reflects their belief in the continent's immense potential. Ishida stressed the need to educate people on the power of blockchain, recognizing that knowledge dissemination is essential to unlock the technology's benefits.

Ran Neuner, also known as Cryptomanran, echoed these sentiments by highlighting the importance of community in the blockchain space. Emphasizing the potential of African countries, the focus should be on educating individuals about blockchain's capabilities and fostering a sense of community to drive its adoption and innovation.

Shogo Ishida from NODO

Client-Centric Solutions: Professional Services and Risk Management

Dale Russel from Moore Johannesburg led a session on "Client-centric solutions for blockchain" and underscored the significance of professional services tailored to the blockchain sector's unique needs. While exploring the immense potential and insights gained from the banking sector and protocols, Russel emphasized the need to recognize the pivotal role of professional services. 

Dale Russell from Moore Johannesburg

Interoperability: Unlocking the Full Potential of Blockchain

Max Kordek, CEO and co-founder of Lisk engaged in a fireside chat discussing the concept of interoperability in the context of blockchain. Kordek explained that blockchain introduced the notion of data scarcity, where data created cannot be easily copied, resulting in a "gold rush" with platforms like Ethereum and Solana each having its unique blockchain. However, this poses a challenge when data or functionality needs to be accessed across different chains. Interoperability becomes crucial to unlock the full potential of blockchain and enable seamless interaction and exchange of value across diverse networks.

The Summit's discussions also emphasized the need to explore diverse use cases for blockchain technology in Africa. Ahren J Posthumus made a compelling argument, saying, “Focusing on crypto as the only use case of blockchain is like focusing on porn as the only use case of the internet.” He highlighted the potential of blockchain to mitigate energy crises, enable access to credit, and build generational wealth for those who have historically been left behind.

Max Kordek from Lisk

Regulatory Landscape and Consumer Protection

Christopher Derek Kanabi-Mulinde from CertiK led a session on the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in Africa and the role his company plays in fostering trust and consumer protection. Kanabi-Mulinde highlighted the perception among regulators in Sub-Saharan Africa that cryptocurrencies attempt to circumvent local rules and disrupt monetary policy.

To address this perception, Kanabi-Mulinde stressed the need for greater efforts to demystify the technology and help regulators understand and manage the associated risks. Recognizing regulators' focus on job creation, he emphasized the potential contribution of the crypto industry in generating employment opportunities.

Christopher Derek Kanabi-Mulinde from CertiK

Government Support

With the right government support, Africa can create a favorable environment for blockchain and crypto innovations to prosper. Cayla Murray, DA Western Cape Spokesperson, highlighted this need, saying, "As a government, we need to be supportive of crypto and blockchain, promoting transparency and accountability."  She further announced that the DA's Federal Council has accepted a resolution to pass legislation regulating companies dealing in cryptocurrency, known as Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs). The regulation is planned to be implemented after the 2024 National and Provincial Elections. 

Rising Startups: The NODO-CV VC Pitching Competition

As the event unfolded, a spotlight shone on the rising African blockchain startups participating in the two-day NODO-CV VC Grants Pitching Competition. Six innovative companies presented their solutions to various challenges, from payment solutions and secure communication to risk profiling, clean energy projects, and education for web3 developers to the audience and a panel of judges. Fastagger, Pravica, Riskbloq, Safi Protocol, and Web3 Sanctuary are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space, solving both local and global challenges. 

Web3 Sanctuary, an Edtech platform committed to educating and connecting the next generation of web3 developers, emerged as the winner, receiving up to $25,000 in grant funding and valuable services from both NODO and Emurgo. Congratulations to Devon Kranz and her team! 

The Disruptive Potential of Web3: Unleashing the Uncontrollable Revolution

Yosuke Yoshida from Emurgo delivered a captivating keynote address that delved into the disruptive and transformative nature of the African blockchain revolution. Drawing parallels to the early days of the internet, Yoshida highlighted the skepticism and caution that initially surrounded its usage. Similarly, Web3 brings forth decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), peer-to-peer connections, and evolving expectations around fiat currency. Yoshida emphasized that the revolution is unstoppable and no longer within our control, poised to reshape the world in the coming decades.

Yosuke Yohida from Emurgo

The Great Transatlantic Crypto Migration: US Regulations and Africa's Opportunities

Blake Player, representing VALR, delivered a keynote address that examined the impact of US regulations on Africa and the challenges faced by the crypto industry. Dubbed "The Great Transatlantic Crypto Migration," this phenomenon has witnessed a substantial shift of funds and resources from the US to destinations such as Dubai, Bermuda, and Mauritius. Blake highlighted that the banking situation in South Africa needs improvement; otherwise, it could lead to a threefold increase in the price of cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, he remained optimistic, believing that solutions could be found, even if they come at a higher cost. 

Blake Player from VALR

Shaping the Future of Blockchain and Fintech in Africa

The Summit pioneered a new session format by introducing engaging debates, an interactive element of the event, which became one of the highlights of the event. Attendees expressed their appreciation for these thought-provoking debates, noting that they found them incredibly insightful.

With a diverse array of attendees from across the globe, the Summit created a unique and intimate atmosphere where local industry leaders, startups, and international stakeholders could engage with one another. To further enhance the experience, a Jameson Whiskey tasting session added an element of leisure and relaxation. A VIP dinner was organized for sponsors, partners, and speakers, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among key contributors to the event. 

The remarkable progress and innovation at CV Summit Africa were a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the African continent. By embracing the potential of blockchain and fintech, Africa is proving that it can not only overcome its challenges but also lead the world in groundbreaking solutions. The Summit powerfully exhibited the dynamic developments in the African blockchain ecosystem. 

A special thank you goes out to all of our partners and sponsors that made the event possible: VALR, Polygon, Emurgo, Nodo, Moore Johannesburg, Casper Labs, Lisk, UCT Financial Innovation Hub, CertiK, Sankore, and Workshop 17

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