CV Labs, the heartbeat of Crypto Valley is pulsating.

In addition to Award nominations, a lot is happening at CV labs. Let’s get you up to speed! We have two new ecosystem partners, the CV Labs Incubator is in full swing, our event calendar is filled to the brim, the InnoBooster Hackathon is open for applications, and we look back on CV Summit Leadership Circles 2021.

Meet our new ecosystem partners

We are happy to announce that Partisia Blockchain and æternity Blockchain are joining us as new global ecosystem partners!

Partisia Blockchain is a web 3.0 public blockchain built for trust, transparency, privacy and speed of light finalization. Partisia Blockchain is a pioneer and a world leader in commercial applications combining blockchain and Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). It has recently announced the launch of Instars, a decentralized and privacy-focused social media platform.

æternity Blockchain is a scalable smart contract platform engineered to address some of the most fundamental challenges native to earlier blockchains. By redesigning blockchain technology at the protocol level, the æternity developer community has enabled the core protocol to understand and integrate a rich set of functionalities out of the box.

Our remaining network of ecosystem partners also includes AllianceBlock, Bittrex Global, Black Ocean, Evai, Fineac, MME, PwC, and Swiss Post.

CV Labs Incubator prep is in full swing- By Founders for Founders

On October 18th, Batch_03 of the CV Labs Accelerator will officially kick off with a one-week intensive Bootcamp. Afterward, startups will get access to online workshops and seminars from the most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries, experts, and mentors in the blockchain space and beyond!

Incubatees will meet Cardano, Polkadot, Dfinity, PWC, MME, Coindesk, and many more blockchain pioneers. Applications for Batch_03 are currently being reviewed. Missed the deadline? You can sign up for Batch_04, as applications are open on a rolling basis!

CV Summit recap and behind-the-scenes photos

Thank you to everyone who joined us in making the CV Summit Leadership Circles unforgettable! This inspiring event took place Aug 30th — Sept 1st at the Theater Casino in Zug. Over 100 speakers, 750 Attendees, and 7500 online viewers joined us over three inspiring days. Check out our website for behind-the-scenes content.

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