CV Labs signs Strategic Partnership with Israeli Blockchain Association

Switzerland, March 2021: CV Labs Switzerland recently announced a strategic partnership with the Israeli Blockchain Association. The Tel-Aviv based organization aims to connect corporations, developers, policy-makers, and blockchain enthusiasts in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing, and development of impactful blockchain applications.

In 2020, the UAE and Israel signed a historic Israel–United Arab Emirates peace agreement as a key step towards the full normalization of relations between the two countries. Among other things, the new agreement makes it easier for Dubai based investors to deploy capital into Israel, which continues to serve as a hub for some of the world’s most tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

In the same year, the Switzerland-based CV Labs announced that they will partner with DMCC, the world’s flagship free zone, to open the DMCC Crypto Centre in Dubai. This will be CV Labs’ third hub, next to Zug and Vaduz.

The two announcements naturally pave the way for collaboration amongst the main blockchain ecosystem players in these three countries (the UAE, Israel, and Switzerland). This international partnership will connect each of the respective partner’s ecosystem members, thereby providing startups access to the valuable networks, investors, local insights, and specialized knowledge offered by the individual hubs. This access will foster the connection between startups and investors, corporations, legal and financial professionals, as well as a range of service providers on a global level.

Yosef Shaftal, Executive Director Israeli Blockchain Association, commented:

“The creation of this bridge between Switzerland and Israel is great news for the members of both ecosystems. As blockchain adoption is becoming inevitable, both countries can benefit from each other’s expertise and great use cases. Israeli Startups will be able to take advantage of Crypto Valley’s vast experience in launching and scaling of crypto projects. In return, Switzerland will be able to tap into the Innovation and tech talent coming out of Israel.”

The two hubs will collaborate on various initiatives to expand their global networks within the blockchain industry. The initiatives will range from co-organizing events, talks, and seminars to training programs and mentorships.

Nicolai Reinbold, Co-Head CV Labs, states:

“I am excited to welcome our newest Hub Partner, the Israeli Blockchain Association, and to support entrepreneurs from Israel. This partnership will form a triangle between Dubai, Israel and Switzerland, providing blockchain startups with an international ecosystem and helping entrepreneurs to get access to different infrastructures, expertise and capital as well as grow the global talent pool.”

The Goals of the Partnership in a Nutshell:

  • Helping startups set foot in all three ecosystems, ensuring access to investors, and ensuring the possibility to connect with relevant local industries.
  • Providing startups with the possibility to apply for a blockchain dedicated incubator or startup training program.
  • Granting investors access to projects both within and outside of their local ecosystem as well as awareness of other funds.
  • Giving first-hand insights to companies about upcoming events, along with access to sponsoring opportunities for these events.
  • Co-creating new projects (such as events or similar) and collaboration opportunities for the hubs in order to build a bridge between the ecosystems

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CV Labs