CV Labs Accelerator Batch_05 commences!

CV Labs welcomed nine pioneering startups to the CV Labs Zug office this week to kick off the CV Labs Accelerator Batch_05 Bootcamp week! The startups were selected from an application pool of over sixty countries and flew in from all over the world.

When selecting this batch of startups, we heavily focused on the impact and utility that their blockchain solutions will bring the world. Our startups provide real solutions to global socioeconomic and climate challenges. Without further ado, let us introduce you to our founders!

From left to right, Kevin (Pyrpose), Samwel (Nyayomat), Melyn (Coala Pay), Sanad (Zero-Code), Jurre (Colecti), Duke (Fungies), Alex (Leto), Logan (Leto), Ayman (Zero-Code), Devon (Web3 Sanctuary) & Rebecka (Web3 Sanctuary).

Meet the startups

🐨 Coala Pay

Did you know that roughly 45% of all aid money gets lost along the way? Think of exchange rates, bank fees, border money, and more. Coala Pay helps with money movement in the international aid sector, making the movement of aid money simple, borderless, and programmable. 

Melyn McKay from Coala Pay

🎮 Fungies

When building a Blockchain storefront, you’ll run into many issues. The process is costly ($100k+), time-consuming (4+ months), and it's hard to find developers with front-end blockchain experience. ​​Fungies is building Shopify for the blockchain and gaming industry, launching a no-code developer dashboard for adding an NFT store to your own website.

Duke Vu from

💫 Leto

How many people have looked at your NFT? Or at your Linktree? Developers and businesses struggle to track analytics on Web3 content. The tools that do exist are not privacy-centric. Leto provides a web3 analytics platform for privacy-first metrics, providing insights such as total CID views, breakdowns by CID, and more. 

Logan from Leto

🐘 IvoryPay

Cross-border payment in Africa is still one of the most expensive in the world, averaging between 8-10 percent of the value of each transaction. Ivory Pay is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to be paid in stable cryptocurrency and also leverage DeFi and NFTs for growth.

🛒 Nyayomat

60% of small merchants in Africa have zero access to credit. Nyayomat offers a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform for the B2B segment, giving small merchants access to the credit they need to grow their business. Nyayomat connects buyers and sellers in product search and fulfillment, enabling access to the African marketplace for all.

Samwel A Odundo from Nyayomat

🌿 Pyrpose

It’s a well-known fact that NextGens care most about the environment. So why are they not investing in climate solutions? Pyrpose gives agency over climate change and captures the passion for the climate. Learn, compare, engage, and earn rewards for your climate contribution.

Kevin Kyer from Pyrpose

📚 Web3 Sanctuary

Even in a bear market, the demand for developers is consistently high. Web3 Sanctuary offers kickass courses, access to mentors, and help to get a first job interview with web3 companies, protocols, DAOs, or corporate enterprises. Their courses are already being tested by over 100 students.

Devon Krantz from Web3 Foundation

🧑‍💻 Zero-Code

Zero-Code is the ultimate Web3 Launchpad that delivers integrated tools to launch NFT projects & build Web3 communities without having to write a single line of code. Customize smart contracts and build Web3-enabled landing pages, all without using any code.

Ayman Khattar from Zero-Code

🖼️ Colecti (sponsored by Lisk)

NFT marketplaces, with their complex jargon and difficult functionalities, are not accessible to their intended users - the average user. Colecti aims to bring the Web2 community to Web3 with its user-friendly and beginner-friendly platform. Colecti will offer fiat payments, basic functionalities, and fully curated content.

Jurre Machielsen from Colecti

Summary of key events each day

On Sunday, we kicked off the week with a team building event in Zürich. Our founders worked together to figure out two tough escape rooms, and then headed over to a burger restaurant for lunch.

On Monday, we started off the official program for the week with an introduction into Crypto Valley from our Founder & CEO, Mathias Ruch. Afterwards, our Head of Accelerator, Janis Aguilar, introduced CV VC and CV Labs, and kicked off the program.

On Tuesday, we welcomed Dan Ram for a virtual workshop on ‘the importance of your Why’, which was (as always) a big hit with our founders. We also discussed social media, video production, and more!

On Wednesday, Patrick Link taught our startups about design thinking, after which we headed to Zürich to visit the Dfinity HQ to learn about the Internet Computer (IC). Thank you to Jan Camenisch for the insights.

On Thursday, we talked everything PR, pitching, pitch decks, and fundraising. In the evening, our founders got the opportunity to pitch their projects in front of 100+ people during the CV Labs x Chainlink Labs networking event.

On Friday, we talked about co-founding with Jana Nevrlka and finalized the startup pitches for the week. What an amazing week!

Attendees at the CV Labs x Chainlink Labs networking event at CV Labs Zug

Next steps for the startups

Over the next nine weeks, the Batch_05 startups will continue the program virtually, where they’ll learn about marketing, legal, blockchain tech, and more. Startups will also receive access to other capital avenues, one-on-one mentorship, and customized growth hacks for blockchain entrepreneurs.

At the end of the program, our entrepreneurs will showcase all they’ve learned during Demo Day, where they will pitch their projects to potential investors. They will also receive up to $135K in equity from CV VC. More information about Demo Day will follow soon.

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