Crypto Valley Conference 2024 Startup Competition - Congratulations to the Winners!

On Thursday, June 6th, the CV VC and CV Labs team helped organize the CVC24 Startup Pitching Competition together with the Crypto Valley Association. 

With over 180 applications for the competition, the ten hand-picked finalists pitched their ideas to a packed audience During the competition during the Crypto Valley Conference in Zug. The startups covered a wide range of services, from fan engagement and open-source, to crypto management and GPS DePIN. 

Besides gaining recognition and exposure for their startups, the contestants also battled for an impressive prize pool valued at over 700'000 USD, including an all-expenses-paid trip to Solana's Breakpoint Conference, a CHF 1000 airline credit by Lufthansa Group, and $45k worth of audit & cybersecurity services by Hacken.

An expert jury, including Bastian Wetzel (CV VC), Anna Shakola (Cointelegraph), Kurt Hemecker (MINA), Philipp Vonmoos (Solana Foundation), and Max Schneider (Blockwall), selected the winners, as the competition MC Benedek Orban presented Hakata with the first-place prize!

Meet the startups

Let us tell you more about the ten trailblazing startups joining the competition!


Vladimir Liulka presented Blocksport, a one-stop solution that covers use cases for innovation and commercially driven fan engagement. Blocksport offers custom fan engagement opportunities to deepen supporters’ involvement. With their latest partnership with Deutsche Telekom, they surely have an exciting future ahead.


Edwin Mata pitched how Brickken empowers businesses and individuals to tokenize assets, democratize investments, and revolutionize asset management by making digital asset ownership more accessible. With its token suite, they can create, sell, and manage digital assets. The team has already onboarded 200 million assets in 14 countries!

🏆 Brickken took home the ‘Rising Star’ trophy!


Marc Bickel explained how Fume simplifies fund administration with automation, using smart contracts. Money goes directly from the investor's bank straight into the fund, decreasing tedious manual administration. The Fume team has the admirable goal of raising 200 million into the fund by next year and is debating implementing AI for investment reporting.


Jonathan Knoll presented Hakata, a digital credential platform for businesses satisfying tomorrow's compliance needs. The startup is helping global businesses bridge the privacy that users demand with the compliance that regulators require. Earlier this year, Hakata acquired its first lighthouse customers and signed 11 MoUs!

🏆 Hakata took home the 1st place trophy!

Özcan Köme explained how Moonberg is an AI-powered degen terminal using raw data to create new metrics. This is achieved by leveraging leading-edge technology and analyzing on-chain data and social media. In May of this year, Moonberg launched its project, with a TGE planned for later this year.

🏆 Moonberg took home the ‘People’s Choice’ trophy!


Denis Alexander Kuenzi explained how Newbridge is building a crypto asset management platform for institutions with cross-asset functionality and direct actionable insights. Asset managers can now manage active crypto portfolios with plug-and-play solutions, risk-controlled investment strategies, and professional crypto management tools. 

Nexity Network

Catalin Fetean took the stage to explain how Nexity is streamlining global assets trade. Nexity offers one dashboard for all trade operations, empowering businesses to make better, more strategic decisions. The startup already has 426 active users, and an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $685’000.

Onocoy Association

Daniel Ammann showed the audience a physical GPS station and explained how Onocoy uses Web3 to create a community-powered GPS reference station network providing high-precision GPS DePIN. The startup already has 3000 stations in current circulation and closed beta testing with 20+ parties ongoing. With the ONO token set for TGE in Q3 2024.

🏆 Onocoy took home the 3rd place trophy!

Open Source Economy

Lauriane Mollier showcased, with a deck of cards, how easily the open-source network can fall apart. That’s why Open Source Economy is building a platform to create decentralized open-source companies and provide business models for selling open-source solutions. The market size of open source is expected to reach 100 billion dollars.

🏆 Open Source Economy took home the 2nd place trophy!


Stanislav Marycev pitched how zkFold is developing Layer 1 and Layer 2 scaling solutions for the global adoption of DLT by using ZKP algorithms. This makes blockchain transactions faster and cheaper. ZkFold provides free wallet-to-wallet transactions and cheap smart contract transactions. The startup recently released its first product demo and is working on attracting applications from the Cardano ecosystem. 

The winners

1st place - Hakata

2nd pace - Open Source Economy

3rd place - Onocoy

Rising Star - Brickken

People’s Choice -

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s CVC24 Startup Pitching Competition! And a big thank you to everyone who came to watch, voted for their favorite startup, and celebrated with us. 

Written by
Isabel V.