Congratulations to the Graduates of CV Labs Batch_06 Cohort

Upon completion of our 10-week program, we are excited to graduate the latest cohort of the CV Labs Accelerator! The ten-week intensive Accelerator program delivered high-paced days filled with guidance and mentorship from 10 hands-on mentors. Workshops covering fundraising, marketing, regulation, legal aspects, pitching practice, and product positioning equipped the participating startups with the skills needed for success. In addition to workshops, in-depth group and one-on-one mentorship were given to participants from industry experts, investors, and successful founders to support the participant's planning and business precision.

To finish off the program, the cohort pitched their projects in front of 100 VCs, investors, and the wider CV Labs & CV VC ecosystem.

Round six of our Accelerator program under our belt

The current cohort of the CV Labs Accelerator program completed the sixth edition of the program with determination. With plenty of experience under our belt, we at CV Labs have created a well-rounded program, covering all key aspects of the startup cycle. Our program stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining in-house training during bootcamp week alongside online workshops from various industry leaders, mentors and experts. 

The cohort tackled a variety of relevant topics during their learning program. Such topics included: Kuble’s Alissa Alekseeva hosted an invigorating go-to-market strategy workshop, where the startups focused on the six Ps (Product, Price, Perception, Place, Promotion, Process) throughout the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch stages. Furthermore, Yevheniia Broshevan from Hacken highlighted the importance of securing Web3 products, using real-life use cases to demonstrate the potential outcomes of unsecure projects, and provided tips on how best to launch a secure and sustainable product.

This well-rounded and progressive approach reflects the diligent efforts we have put into creating an exceptional program for our participants.

Shining the spotlight on Demo Day

After 10 weeks of intensive training, it was time for our startups to enter the spotlight! During the two-hour Demo program, the cohort presented their innovative projects that tackle some of the largest challenges faced not only in the world of Web3 but on a global scale. The startups pitched to various private investors, VCs, and other players in the industry. They faced questions from a star-studded jury, including Tim Draper, Lightspeed Faction, 1kx, and Archetype. 

CV Labs online format for demo day means that our startups are exposed to an international audience - with people tuning in from across the globe. This year’s invite-only Demo Day had 100 investors, VCs, and other vested parties in attendance, giving the cohort exposure to a truly global crowd!

Grilling by VC Vets

After the adrenaline-fuelled pitches, the jury took a deep dive into the startups’ ideas as they sought a deeper understanding of the next steps that startups might take to move to the next level. When Tim Draper asked about the target audience, Provably (formerly KryptonZK) demonstrated their simple solution for developers. Rather than needing a full understanding of zero-knowledge technology, Provably offers a simplified platform that only requires an understanding of SQL, the number one language for databases and data science.

Competition is always a big factor in the startup scene; with Bitcoin Layer 2s on the rise, Marek Sandrik from RockawayX was quick to ask how Maestro can stand out amongst the projects coming. Maestro was quick to respond, identifying that these new projects don’t have the experience to be ready and able to launch their product. With Maestro’s background in the Cardano ecosystem, they already have a battle-tested product ready to go for new users. 

When asked about the application of their platform by Dimitriy Berenzon from Archetype, Lawyerd explained the innovative simplicity of their product. When it comes to brand protection, companies have two options when using Lawyerd. One way is that Lawyerd collect the infringing data and validate it, then provide their clients with a comprehensive overview, allowing them to seek legal action on their own. Alternatively, clients will be able to use Lawyerd’s automated solution to automatically eliminate infringing content. How this works, Lawyerd’s system automatically generates the complaint and fills out the legal documentation to be sent to the platform host.

The journey from the idea to a fully functioning product can often be challenging for startups. Open Source Economy outlined that although incorporation only happened a few months ago, there is already a strong community of engineers working on the MVP. Upon completion of the MVP, Open Source Economy has a strategy to engage its target audience of clients and customers, with clear goals set before beginning the Pre-See funding round.

In case you missed it, Batch_06's Demo Day is now live on YouTube here!

What will the Batch_06 cohort get up to next?

Here is a quick recap on the awesome startups in Batch_06 and a sneak peek into some of the startup's new steps since Demo Day!


Building Web3 apps proves to be expensive, time-consuming and often lacks the required security support. With the landscape of developments expanding, it’s easy to waste a lot of time trying to find the right tool for you. Accelchain offers an all-in-one tool for managing anentire Web3 lifecycle. Accelchain simplifies the development of Web3 apps by providing a visual no-code interface to design and deploy Web3 apps.


With the audio storytelling market growing by 20% each year and over 700M global listeners, creating content is expensive, complex, and lacks monetization channels in Africa right now. Jamit provides an all-in-one platform to empower the new generation of storytellers. Jamit provides the required tools to develop a podcast, the freedom to distribute a podcast across multiple streaming platforms & grow your community.


Provably is building Zero Knowledge infrastructure for Big Data ecosystems in both Web 2 and Web 3. Their innovation lies in making complex technology easy to use, addressing a wide range of use cases. They have a big vision to unlock the value in private, sensitive data and enable smarter products.

What's next?

Provably's next move is to put the Alpha release in the hands of their Clients. Fast feedback rounds, agile building, strategic partnerships. Join here to try Provably Alpha, where ZK ♡ Big Data!


Intellectual property infringements cost $700 billion worldwide in 2022. No solution yet exists for Web3 brand protection, leading to 90% of companies not being protected. Lawyerd offers automated certification, detection, and elimination of brand violations to big brands, NFT collections, and individual creators.

What’s next?

Lawyerd is launching a new Snitch-to-Earn product (article here) for community-based brand protection that allows users to spot violations and be rewarded. Lawyerd are looking for new brands to start rewarding their community via their system. Join here for full access for early users to their new platform and be rewarded with monetary compensation.


Maestro is a cutting-edge blockchain development platform, pushing the boundaries of Web3 capabilities and paving the way for a decentralized, interconnected digital future. It offers a full suite of powerful APIs and advanced software tools that streamline the development of dApps on UTxO chains.

What’s next?

After onboarding over 800 developers and processing close to 400 Million API requests on the platform, Maestro is expanding to Bitcoin and Dogecoin, becoming the 1st multichain infrastructure provider in the industry to specialize in UTxO-based Web3 needs.

Open Source Economy

Open-Source Economy is a network designed to unleash the true potential of open-source. The model addresses the funding challenges that open-source initiatives face while upholding the core values of openness, transparency, collaboration, and decentralization.

What’s next?

Open Source Economy is growing its community of builders, with the MVP set to be finished soon. Upon finishing this, Open Source Economy will be able to implement its client acquisition strategy.

Shamba Records

Shamba Records impacts the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa by providing digital solutions that help farmers access agriculture extension services, loans, and insurance. The comprehensive suite of software and hardware tools includes a cutting-edge real-time data collection system.

What’s next?

Shamba Records is laser-focused on growth. Their goal? To reach 60,000 users by Q4 and expand its suite of solutions to empower even more farmers across Africa. 


Xtreamly’s AI system elevates DeFi with LVR reduction and oracle-independent fee optimization, enhancing DEX and AMM performance through dynamic slippage and arbitrage model predictions.

What’s next?

Xtreamly’s next step is to provide next product iterations for testing and sharing some benchmark data to backup the profitability of it’s AI models.

As Batch_06 of our Accelerator program comes to a close, we look forward to seeing which innovative early-stage startups will apply to and participate in Batch_07 starting this September. Applications for Batch_07 are currently open, and you can apply to be a part of the program here.

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