Blockchain Hub Davos was a big success

The world’s most crucial week in international affairs has come to a successful end.

The Blockchain Hub in Davos, hosted by CV Labs and CasperLabs, served as a central meeting point for blockchain leaders, enthusiasts, pioneers, and newbies alike to connect, engage, and learn from renowned industry experts and influencers.

Outside area of the Blockchain Hub Davos 2022

Situated in the heart of Davos, against a backdrop of snow-tipped mountains, the Blockchain Hub hosted over 80 speakers and a global audience from a variety of industries. Over the course of three days, 700 in-person and 4,000 online delegates were privileged to witness the rapid pace of blockchain technology revolutionizing the way the world interacts and transacts.

Even during the so-called crypto winter, the energy of the Blockchain Hub in Davos radiated a profound sense of warmth, wisdom, and optimism from speakers and attendees. Each demonstrating how their knowledge, actions, activities, processes, new assets, and strategies are rapidly emerging to create a bright future for the blockchain industry. If there was one core learning from The Blockchain Hub, it is that while crypto is one of the first uses of blockchain technology, the tsunami of its broader applications will transform the world.

The hub even created a few blocks of a different kind with the enthusiasm of delegates!

Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor, Editor of Moneycontrol

After participating in the three days of events at the Blockchain Hub in Davos, one feels a sense of pride in being a part of the blockchain community and ecosystem. What was evident in Davos was that blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have found new residence alongside their “more-traditional” counterparts.

On every corner of every street, blockchain and cryptocurrency hubs stood proudly with their doors wide open, encouraging the general public to engage and learn more about the new and exciting world of digital assets and the broader applications of blockchain as a catalyst technology.

Attendees checking in to the Hub

The flow of communication was educational and enlightening. The level and degree of networking spun new webs across all corners of the globe. What better way to get a global appreciation for the fast-paced space than to engage with the who’s who of blockchain and cryptocurrency?

The Dispatch from The Blockchain Hub Davos

This year’s spring version of the leading annual event showed that virtualization and decentralization joined the global economic and financial conversation. Many international speakers and attendees entered the vast array of activities hosted on “crypto street” in Davos.

It is essential to ask why the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrency comes to Davos? The answer is simple. The decentralized world wishes to educate global influencers that it is in humanity’s best interest to begin mutual interaction.

Attendees discovering the virtual reality experience

The hustle and bustle of the Blockchain Hub managed to “block” the street with its enthused delegates. World-renowned companies such as Roche, Citi, State Street, IBM, and Amazon, amongst others, used the opportunity to convey their efforts that are shaping the space and transforming the digital economy in the process.

Influencers such as Brock Pierce of The Bitcoin Foundation, Brittany Kaiser, Sheila Warren of The Crypto Council for Innovation, and Eva Kaili of The European Parliament, contributed to rousing motivation and high demand to attend The Blockchain Hub. Seats were full, minds enriched, and the many wonders of the blockchain industry were showcased with tenacity and optimism.

Blockchain technology, processes, and solutions on display demonstrated that the new world of digital economies will live in parallel with the centralized world until the traditional world embraces what is already occurring — the global decentralization of finance and other industries. Leaders and pioneers alike reemphasized the importance of education within the space to ensure the momentum, interest, and uptake of the new-age finance world continues in a tremendous fashion.

The Blockchain Hub in Davos largely supported the need for regulation and discussed concerns about the risks for the sector. It was evident that all traditional and digital attendees had the same agenda, to create a better future for the world and its inhabitants.

CV VC, a proud facilitator of the Blockchain Hub’s activities, took the opportunity to inform global attendees about two exciting launches.

“Why are we publishing the CV VC Africa blockchain report? Three reasons: Firstly, the potential of Africa as a continent. The young population, the growth potential, and the rise of technology. Secondly, access to technology, especially when it comes to blockchain. And thirdly, the explosion of venture capital that has been deployed”. Mathias Ruch, Founder & CEO of CV VC.

The African Blockchain Report was published by CV VC and Standard Bank with contributions from other stakeholders in the African region, including Binance, 3air, CertiK, OVEX, and SECO, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Interest in the community was massive, with over 348 articles being written about the news in the first week alone! Publishers included Forbes, Business Insider, CoinTelegraph, Coindesk, and many more!

Mathias Ruch & Philipp Rösler, President of the CV VC Advisory Board and former Vice-Chancellor of Germany.

“Blockchain venture funding outpaced general venture funding in 2021 by 11 times”

The African Blockchain Report depicts that Africa is experiencing rapid adoption and transformation where age-old practices and policies are being replaced by more robust, digital, and inclusive systems. It provides a holistic overview of blockchain venture funding activities experienced in Africa during 2021. It includes expert articles, company and industry overviews, and an exploration of regulatory activities on the continent.

If you look at the growth rate of funding from a blockchain perspective into the continent, in Q1 2021 versus Q1 2022, we’ve had an increase of 1,668%, which is really exciting! What’s also interesting is that in Q2 2022, we’ve had three blockchain startups that have raised half the amount of capital that the continent raised in 2021. Africa is teaching the rest of the world about the true use cases of blockchain technology, and it is exhilarating to be a part of the process.Gideon Greaves, MD of CV VC Africa.
Gideon Greaves and Wesley Patrick from the CV VC Africa team

If you would like to learn more about the exciting and revolutionary activities, download the The African Blockchain Report 2021

Secondly, Mathias Ruch announced, “CV VC has launched our Africa Blockchain Early-stage Fund. We want to continue supporting African startups with this fund. We’re launching it here today, in Davos. Ke Nako, it’s time, and it’s only the beginning.

The CV VC African Blockchain Early-stage Fund has been created to provide capital and expertise to African-centric blockchain startups. CV VC, active on the continent since November 2021, has already identified, invested, and supported 12 African startups.

As Africa continues forward on its transformative journey, blockchain technology’s revolutionary qualities will continue to play an integral part. CV VC has made its commitment to Africa known, leaving its doors wide open for the incredible talent in Africa to seek support and guidance.

A little town called Davos where blockchain was a big theme

Davos’s blockchain and crypto initiators were engaging with a simple common theme. Why should blockchain be different from any other tech sector? The blockchain sector is sparking disruption and challenging us to help shape a more equitable and inclusive future by changing how the world interacts and transacts.

Even alongside many global catastrophes, optimism in all shapes and sizes was reiterated in conversations, showcased on stages, and distributed globally via the web. There seems to be a future, separate from the chaos, that encourages inclusivity and global, peaceful collaboration. This future is already being established using blockchain, the technology of the century.

Reverberating through the picturesque mountains surrounding Davos were the words of Kristalina Georgieva, IMF Chief, who had a message about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

I beg you not to pull out of the importance of this world. It offers us faster service, lower costs, and more inclusion, but only if we separate apples from oranges and bananas”.

It seems only fitting to conclude by noting that the blockchain harvest will bear a digital, revolutionary, and inclusive fruition for humanity.

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