Batch_05 Graduation - a day to celebrate!

After 10 awesome weeks of workshops, mentoring, and more, we are happy to announce the graduation of our Batch_05 cohort from the CV Labs Accelerator! Demo Day was full of excitement, with each startup pitching in front of over 100 private investors, VCs, and the wider CV Labs & CV VC ecosystem.

5th edition of the CV Labs Accelerator Program

With five editions of the program under our belt, we are proud to be a pioneering accelerator in the Web3 and blockchain space. This cohort is our biggest to date - with nine startups participating.  Our program stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining in-house training during bootcamp week alongside online workshops from various mentors and experts. 

This well-rounded and progressive approach reflects the diligent efforts we have put into creating an exceptional program for our participants.

Demo Day

Upon completion of the 10-week program, our startups are invited to Demo Day to showcase their innovative blockchain solutions. Some solutions are aimed at tackling the biggest challenges faced by the blockchain industry, whilst others are focused on tackling issues faced by the world at large. The startups pitched to various private investors, VCs, and other players in the industry and faced questions from a jury made up of some of the most renowned VCs in the space. Our online format for demo day means that our startups are exposed to an international audience - with people tuning in from across the globe. This year’s invite-only Demo Day had 100+ people attending, giving the cohort exposure to a truly global audience!

Alongside pitching to various VCs, our startups faced some challenging questions from the jury. When asked about the potential of AI, Fungies indicated that they plan on utilizing its power by incorporating AI to create a web store based on the user’s inputs.

With data privacy being a key issue in the world of analytics, Julien Thévenard from Fabric Ventures asked questions about how developers and users were previously able to track analytics in the Web3 space. Leto was quick to respond, acknowledging that before their solution,  it was not possible to track this data. Now, both developers and users can be excited about regaining control over their data!

The jury then questioned the startups on their target audiences. Zero-Code acknowledged a clear shift in their target users throughout the development process. At first, their target audience was bigger brands such as the LVMH Group looking to utilize their services. However, as they continued to develop their concept, they noticed greater adoption and interest from builders in the blockchain space. Given the speed at which blockchain and Web3 industries are evolving, it is important that our startups are able to adapt to changing conditions.

The value of user experience should not be underestimated, and when the jury asked about on- and off-ramping, the startups indicated that they have adopted different methods for this process. Coala Pay is heavily focused on making the process of donating as easy for the end user as possible. Thus, they offer on- and off-ramping within their service. In comparison, while IvoryPay offers the ability to on- and off-ramp, they are reliant on partnering with more traditional Web2 Financial Services. Although the processes may differ, both Coala Pay and IvoryPay are focused on ensuring a smooth and effective user experience.

In case you missed it, Batch_05's Demo Day is now live on YouTube here!

As Batch_05 of our Accelerator program comes to a close, we look forward to seeing which ingenious early-stage startups will apply to and participate in Batch_06. Applications for Batch_06 are currently open, with the start date yet to be announced. You can apply to be a part of Batch_06 here.

Accelerate As A Service (AaaS)

Furthermore, the CV Labs Accelerator program is expanding! Layer 1s, Protocols, and other blockchain-focused companies can now access the Accelerator as a service - where we will provide our expertise and skills to help your company find the next blockchain unicorn. Get in contact with us to learn more.

See what our Batch_05 startups are doing now!

We look forward to seeing how the Batch_05 cohort continues to grow and develop their blockchain technology solutions to better enable how the world transacts and interacts! We are excited to reintroduce our Batch_05 startups and give you all a sneak peek into their next steps following Demo Day!

Coala Pay

Did you know that roughly 45% of all aid money gets lost along the way? Think of exchange rates, bank fees, border money, and more. Coala Pay helps with money movement in the international aid sector, making the movement of aid money simple, borderless, and programmable. 

What’s next?

In the next few weeks, Coala Pay will be closing out its current funding round. In addition, they will run two pilot campaigns - “Save The Children in Bhutan” and “Search for Common Ground” in South Sudan, looking for local partners in both countries.

When building a Blockchain storefront, you’ll run into many issues. The process is costly ($100k+), time-consuming (4+ months), and it's hard to find developers with front-end blockchain experience. ​​Fungies is building Shopify for the blockchain and gaming industry, launching a no-code developer dashboard for adding an NFT store to your own website.

What’s next?


How many people have looked at your NFT? Or at your Linktree? Developers and businesses struggle to track analytics on Web3 content. The tools that do exist are not privacy-centric. Leto provides a web3 analytics platform for privacy-first metrics, providing insights such as total CID views, breakdowns by CID, and more.

What’s next?

In a community-led effort, Leto is working with decentralized computing networks (Bacalhau) and decentralized content delivery networks (Filecoin Saturn) to achieve a verifiable architecture.


Cross-border payment in Africa is still one of the most expensive in the world, averaging between 8-10 percent of the value of each transaction. Ivory Pay is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to be paid in stable cryptocurrency and also leverages DeFi and NFTs for growth.

What’s next?

IvoryPay is continuing to develop its mobile crypto payment wallet, with the initial version set for release in the coming months. Furthermore, the development of their new payment gateway will support stable cryptocurrencies on Polygon and Binance Smartchain.


60% of small merchants in Africa have zero access to credit. Nyayomat offers a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform for the B2B segment, giving small merchants access to the credit they need to grow their business. Nyayomat connects buyers and sellers in product search and fulfillment, enabling access to the African marketplace for all.

What’s next?

For the next quarter, Nyayomat's focus is on driving market growth through having at least 1000 active merchants and 10 partners. This shall position Nyayomat well for further expansion and fundraising.


It’s a well-known fact that NextGens care most about the environment. So why are they not investing in climate solutions? Pyrpose gives agency over climate change and captures the passion for the climate. Learn, compare, engage, and earn rewards for your climate contribution.

What’s next?

Pyrpose is in the process of finishing its private beta version, building upon the current waitlist. In addition, they will be opening up their seed round at 2M CHF for product development, marketing, and key strategic hires.

Web3 Sanctuary

Even in a bear market, the demand for developers is consistently high. Web3 Sanctuary offers kickass courses, access to mentors, and help to get a first job interview with web3 companies, protocols, DAOs, or corporate enterprises. Their courses are already being tested by over 100 students.

What’s next?

Web3 Sanctuary will continue to build out its MVP over the next few months. Additionally, over 100 beta testers will be put through the first two courses, in preparation for the public launch.


Zero-Code is the ultimate Web3 Launchpad that delivers integrated tools to launch NFT projects & build Web3 communities without having to write a single line of code. Customize smart contracts and build Web3-enabled landing pages, all without using any code.

What’s next?

The next steps for Zero-Code involve onboarding 300 users for the alpha version by August 2023 and actively seeking and incorporating their valuable feedback to refine their product. This user-driven approach will be instrumental as they transition to the beta release, taking their platform to the next level and delivering an even more robust and user-friendly experience.


A big problem for blockchain investors is that often, projects are not held accountable for delivering on their promises and objectives. Through voting rights on the delivery of a project & the creation of a launchpad, Colecti solves the problem of accountability through its platform, which fosters safe investments.

What’s next?

Colecti is currently working on building out its own community. Following this, Colecti is close to releasing the NFT infrastructure for the Lisk blockchain by deploying an NFT marketplace. Lastly, Colecti will continue to develop its launchpad.

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