Amazon Web Services is the newest partner to join the CV Labs Accelerator!

Here at CV Labs, we are excited to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be joining our expansive partner network for the CV Labs Accelerator program! As a longstanding collaborator of CV Labs, we look forward to working alongside AWS to strengthen the Crypto Valley ecosystem and propel startups forward! 

After collaborations with CV Labs on various fronts, AWS will be providing startups in our Accelerator program with the cloud solution they need to grow. We look forward to working alongside AWS to expand upon the CV Labs and CV VC startup ecosystem, creating a strong foundation for growth within Crypto Valley and beyond!

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS is one of the leading cloud computing providers, offering over 200 fully featured services globally. AWS provides companies, ranging from startups to large-scale enterprises, packaged solutions for their cloud-computing needs. With a strong global presence, AWS has one of the most extensive global cloud infrastructures, allowing participating startups from around the world to benefit from this partnership.

An active region in AWS’ infrastructure, Crypto Valley is the perfect place to deep dive into the world of cloud computing. AWS is actively supporting startups on their journey, providing catered solutions to their needs. With Crypto Valley being labeled the #1 blockchain hub by CoinDesk, CV Labs is excited to partner with AWS to provide startups with the insights they need to take their business to the next level. 

What can participating startups gain from the partnership?

Participating startups in the CV Labs Accelerator program will have access to a wide array of resources made available to them. As part of the program, we look forward to having five senior Web3 experts from AWS provide hands-on guidance on how to utilize cloud computing. 

In addition to the experienced mentorship provided by AWS, participating startups will also gain access to up to $800’000 worth of discounts on their services! Using these perks and strategic opportunities, startups will be able to take their idea to the next level and grow into the next unicorn born out of Crypto Valley.

AWS and CV Labs join forces for Batch_06

With Batch_06 of the CV Labs Accelerator just around the corner, AWS and CV Labs will be teaming up for an insightful day during bootcamp week. As part of the week, participating startups will have the opportunity to visit AWS in Zürich, with insightful workshops and pitching opportunities taking place. During the visit, startups will hear from the AWS team, who will discuss topics such as go-to-market, funding insights, and how to access support from the AWS teams worldwide.

In addition, startups will be presented with the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the AWS team. To finish off the trip, startups will enjoy networking & apéro, where they can connect with investors, industry experts, and more in the Crypto Valley ecosystem.

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